Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Complementary Holistic Health Expo

Saturday, October 29 · 8:30am - 1:00pm

West Side Presbyterian Church
Varian Fry Way 6 South Monroe Street
Ridgewood, NJ

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We know what you're thinking? What is a Complementary Holistic Health Expo? Well, we can tell you what it isn't. It isn't an event that you attend where people tell you how nice you're outfit looks on you or how nice your new haircut is. Rather, it's an event where you can be given information from professionals on how to make you're body, mind and spirit tell you "Thank You." What could be better than that?

The West Side Church's Complementary Holistic Health Expo features:
-Yoga classes for adults and children 
(Note from Angela:  I will be teaching sessions at 9:15am and 10:15am.)
-Energy medicine
-Therapeutic Touch message therapy

-I Pad posture screening
-Zen Meditation
-IGM therapeutic acupressure
-The Healing Harp
-Spiritual Direction
-T'ai Chi Chih
-sound therapy
and more!!

We will provide three 45 minute sessions for you to experience and learn. This is a great way to ask, see, and feel what complementary health is all about!

*Some classes are limited by size, so a reservation for your time and spot is recommended. You are welcome to come even if you do not RSVP .

To see the flyer: http://www.westside.org/files/PDFs/flyerComplementary%20Holistic%20Health%20Expo-1.pdf

See a full listing of events here: http://www.westside.org/files/PDFs/Complementary%20Health%20Expo%20brochure.pdf

Register for classes here: http://www.westside.org/324816.ihtml

or email pat@westside.org. 201 652-1966 ext. 35 to leave a message.

Please send this on to your friends if you think they might benefit from this day! Thanks, and I hope to see you there!

**There will also be a blood drive for our area in the parking lot from 9:30 to 1PM. call 201-251-3703 for an appointment.

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